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Snail Names

Snail names

Giving Snails names creates a special bond between you and your pet snail. They may be slow & slimy, but a great snail name can make your pet snail feel special!

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Snail Names

More info about Snail's

A snail is a shelled "gastropod." The name snail is usually used for gastropoda that have a coiled shell, however it also applies to gastropoda that have an internal shell or don't have a shell at all. These types of gastropoda are commonly called slugs.

What are baby snails called?

Baby snails don't have a special name, they are simply called "baby snails"

How to tell if a snail is a boy or girl?

Snails are hermaphrodite... meaning the have reproductive organs for both sexes. When they mate, they will both conceive and lay eggs.

How can i get a snail as a pet?

You can either buy them in a pet store, or find them in the wild.

How long do snails live?

Snails live around 5 years in the wild, however in captivity, they can live up to 25 years!

Can you touch a snail or a slug?

In general, yes you can.

Do snails make good pets

Snails are relatively low maintenance pets. They only require a moist enviroment to live in and a diet filled with vegatables and minerals. Snails like to have other snails around, so you might want to have multiple.

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