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Pet Names

pet names

Name your pets the right way! If you need to find cute puppy names, dog names, cat names, kitten names, fish names, snake names, bird names or even llama names, we can definitely help! We have thousands of pet names for 36 different species. Find the perfect pet name either by browsing, searching or using our pet name generator.

Dog Names

Here are some cute puppy & dog names for your pet dog that you are sure to bark about... Woof!

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Cat Names

Here are some cats names that are purrrfect for your kitten or pet cat! I'm not "kitten" either... haha.

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We get asked A LOT of questions, we listed a few of the most common below. Hopefully this help you name your pets easily.

  • What are cute pet names?

    In our opinion, cute pet names are pun names, ironic names, joke names or names based on appearance.

    For example, if you have a chihuahua, a cute name would be "Grande", meaning large.

  • What is the most common pet name?

    We have a list of the most common pet names on our site here: Top Pet Names. Some of the names that made the list are Lance, Mariah, Fresco, Mitch, Keane and Bruno

  • Choosing a pet name?

    Naming your pet, or anything for that matter, isn't easy. Its a big commitment! Browse through our name lists or try our pet name generator for inspiration.

  • What are some famous dog names?

    Here are a few popular dog names that I have personally seen in films or cartoons. They should sound familiar to most people.

    Lassie, Snoopy, Scooby, Baxter, Beethoven, Benji, Kujo, Bingo, Bolt, Chance, Shadow, Marley, Milo, Otis, & Blue (blue's clues)

  • Pet naming tips
    • Short & Sweet - A shorter name is easier for you to say, otherwise you will end up calling your dog/cat, etc by its nickname anyway. i.e. Maximillion (Max)
    • Meaningful - Try to choose a name that means something to you. In my opinion it gives you a stronger bond to your pet.
    • Ironic - Sometimes people choose pet names that are opposite their pet. For instance, calling your St. Bernard, "Tiny" or your Chihuahua, "Grande".
    • Appearance - Another option is naming your pet off of appearance. If they have spots, you can name your pet "Spot". If they have stripes, you can name them "Tiger", "Zebra", "Stripe", etc.

We hope we helped you on your pet naming journey!

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